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Großglockner - Highest mountain in Austria

Scale the highest peak in Austria!

Climb the highest mountain in Austria.
An exciting tour with rocks, ice, and snow.
Stay overnight in the highest hut in Austria.
Accompanied by a mountain guide with a lot of experience on the Glockner.

The Großglockner guided tour is an exciting adventure on Austria's highest summit. Standing proud at 3,798 meters, the Großglockner offers a diverse ascent with hiking trails, glacier crossings, ice slopes, and easy rock climbing. You will be accompanied by an experienced mountain guide who has extensive experience on the Glockner.

Due to the relatively short stages, it is possible to undertake this climb with a bit less experience. Our mountain guide will personally coach you and teach you the necessary skills for this challenge. You will receive individual support during the ascent to ensure that you develop the required abilities.

For safety reasons, we have set the maximum number of participants per guide at 2. As the number of participants increases, the applied safety techniques become more hazardous. We have implemented this regulation not only to protect our guests and guides but also for the sake of comfort. Walking in a group of two behind the guide is much more enjoyable than being in a group of three.

We will provide all the technical equipment required for the ascent. You only need to bring good hiking boots and appropriate clothing. After booking, you will receive a detailed list of the necessary equipment from us.

Technische Schwierigkeit
Physical fitness
Experience factor

€ 420

2 days


June - September

When possible?

Most difficult day

40° 100hm, II 150 hm,

Most difficult day

40° 100hm, II 150 hm,

For this tour, a basic level of fitness is required as you will be actively engaged for approximately 8 hours and will be covering an elevation gain of 900 meters. You should have little to no issues with altitude sickness.

The Normal Route of the Großglockner is not excessively difficult but does include some shorter challenging sections. Due to the shorter stages, this ascent is quite accessible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to determine if this adventure is right for you.

Programme (subject to change)
Day 2 - Großglockner 3798m

350 m

350 m + 670 m + 880 m

2,5 km + 3 km 2,6 km

3 + 2 + 2,5 hours

Glacier + rock II

After an early breakfast, we strap on our crampons right on the terrace in front of the hut. We travel light, without backpacks: your guide is happy to carry a drink in his/her backpack for you. This way, we can truly enjoy the ascent! After a short section on rocks, we step back onto snow and ice. The terrain becomes increasingly steeper until we reach the rocks. Depending on the conditions, we continue climbing with or without crampons. Through easy yet impressive climbing passages, we first reach the Kleinglockner. We descend a few meters and then, shortly after, we ascend to the roof of Austria, the Großglockner, proudly standing at 3,798 meters! We take a few minutes to enjoy the magnificent view over the entire country and, if the weather is clear, we may even see the Dolomites. Once we have captured this achievement with photos, we descend using the same route. At the Adlersruhe, we take a rest and put our backpacks back on our shoulders. At the Stüdlhütte, we bid farewell to our mountain guide.
Day 1 - approach and climb to highest hut in Austria

880 m+ 670m


2,6 km + 3 km

3 + 2-3 hours

hiking + glacier and easy rock passages

The meeting with your guide is around noon at the Stüdlhütte, located at 2,802 meters. You have two options: either you can hike the approach (2.5 to 3 hours) on the same day, or you can spend an extra night at either the Stüdlhütte or the Lucknerhütte (1.5 to 2 hours of walking) to acclimatize properly. Together with your guide, you will hike to the Ködnitzkees Glacier. Here, your guide will explain how to use your technical equipment (harness, crampons). We will continue our journey across the glacier and then traverse a rocky ridge to reach the Adlersruhe or Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte at 3,451 meters. Here, your mountain guide will explain how everything works at this highest-altitude hut in Austria. After dinner, you will discuss the plan for the next day with your guide.


IFMGA Mountain guide

For your adventure we provide you with a UIAGM-certified mountain and ski guide. Only guides with this qualification are allowed to accompany customers into the high mountains.

We have an extensive team of guides. Most of them are full-time guides and have solid education and experience.

Our local guides speak German and excellent English. 

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After your request for your tailor-made adventure, you will receive a call from our Chief Mountain Guide, Jef Verstraeten. You discuss the trip in Dutch and Jef gives your guide a briefing in his native language.

If you have any questions before, during or after the trip, Jef is at your disposal.


Price for one person: € 780

Price for two people: € 420,-

per person




Vorbereitende Telefonate

Preparation calls

Guiding by IFMGA certified mountain guide

Führung durch IVBV Bergführer


Booking of huts

Rental gear



Halbpensionskosten für dich und den Bergführer.

Deine Hüttenübernachtungskosten

Deine eigene Bergsportversicherung


Getränke und zusätzliche Verpflegung

Weitere Abenteuer mit Explore the alps

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