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Freeride in Tirol

Enjoy powder snow in one of the freeride ski areas in Tirol!

Skiing off-piste in Stubaidal, Ötztal, Paznaun, Zillertal, and other areas.
Experience deep snow in the backcountry with professional guidance!
Customize your own program with a private guide for added skiing fun!
Suitable for splitboarders too!

If you're looking for an unforgettable freeride experience in Tirol, then a private guide from Explore the Alps is the perfect choice. With our experienced guides, you can make the most of your ski vacation and enjoy the best off-piste locations that Tirol has to offer.

A private guide is the ideal option if you're seeking a tailored experience that is fully customized to your skills and preferences.

Our guides have extensive knowledge of the mountains and terrain and can assist you in selecting the best routes and locations based on your abilities and experience.

Possible locations for freeriding with a private guide from Explore the Alps include Stubaidal, Ötztal, Paznaun, and Zillertal: each area has its own unique features and challenges. Our lead guide, Jef, will be happy to help you choose the best location for your level and preferences.

Before heading into the mountains, our guide will also provide you with essential safety and equipment information. They will assist you in checking your gear to ensure everything is in order: safety is our top priority, so you can trust that you're in good hands!

If you're searching for the ultimate freeride experience in Tirol, get in touch with Explore the Alps and book your private guide today!

Vorrausgesetzte Kondition

€ 105

1-? days



Wann möglich

Anpruchsvollster Tag

Descents will be picked according to your ability

Anspruchsvollster Tag

Descents will be picked according to your ability

Strong skiier

Mögliches Programm
Freeride mit Berg/skiführer


5000+ hm


6-7 uur

Depending on your skills

In the morning, around 9 o'clock, you meet your mountain guide. You get acquainted and discuss the plans for the day. After a brief equipment check, you take the lift together to the ski area and start with the first descents. Your ski guide, along with you, searches for fresh powder snow, beautiful lines, and untouched descents. Along the way, you make regular stops to enjoy the view and possibly take photos. We take a lunch break at a cozy mountain hut and talk about the experiences of the morning. Strengthened, we continue with the descents and the search for more adventurous lines and off-piste runs. Your guide will also provide you with some technical tips to improve your skills and increase your confidence on the snow. At the end of the day, you return to the valley and say goodbye to each other.


IVBV Bergführer

Für Ihr Abenteuer stellen wir Ihnen einen UIAGM-zertifizierten Berg- und Skiführer zur Verfügung. Nur Guides mit dieser Qualifikation dürfen Kunden ins Hochgebirge begleiten.

Wir haben ein umfangreiches Team von Guides. Die meisten von ihnen sind Vollzeit-Guides und verfügen über eine solide Ausbildung und Erfahrung.

Unsere lokalen Guides sprechen Deutsch und ausgezeichnetes Englisch. 

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Unser Team organisieren das Abenteuer, regeln die Hütten und einen Bergführer.

Je nach Wunsch machen wie die Organisation per Mail, Whatapp oder Telefon!


Price per person/day

1 person: € 480,-

2 people: € 240,-

3 people: € 170,-

4 people: € 135,-

5 people: € 115,-

6 people: € 105,-




Prepatory call

Vorbereitender Call

Guiding by mountain guide or ski guide

Führung durch IVBV Bergführer oder Staatlicher Skiführer

Rental costs for avalanche safety equipment

Mietkosten für Lawinenausrüstung und weitere Ausrüstung

More depending on your wishes

Kostenlose Test-Skis von K2 (first come first served)

40% Rabatt-Gutschein für einen Einkauf bei K2 und BCA

-40% voucher for a sale at K2 and BCA


Deine eigene Bergsportversicherung


Mietkosten für Skiausrüstung

Getränke und zusätzliche Verpflegung


Weitere Abenteuer mit Explore the alps

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